i-am-a-skid - The Interactive Search Helper for n00bs

The purpose of this script is simple: To eliminate skids everywhere!! All jokes aside, i-am-a-skid is a little thing that helps you shape your Google searches so that you can reach the information you need without posting a redundant question and getting roasted on the Internet. That’s all. »

Composer Basics

PHP is a pretty cool language, yeah. It’s super easy to create dynamic websites with a very small learning curve. Well, it’s easy until your site gets big. Or you need to move to a new computer. What if you lose a file and your entire app crashes? What if... »

Moosh - Productivity in .NET

A C# framework for productivity, speed and fluency. »

Lambdas in C#

You’ve been programming C# for a while. You know asynchronous programming, sockets, file IO, and even how to control remote computers. But you’ve gotten fed up. Every time you want to do something, you have to write a new private void foo() { // Code... } block. And you’re fed... »

The Mysterious Unsolvable Laravel Error

Laravel devs, this one’s for you. Are you familiar with this error? »