Accessing Twitter with Dart

How to interface with those old OAuth 1 libraries. »

WinDart - an Experiment

Compiling Dart to native Windows binaries??? »

C# Dynamic Gradient

If you have upgraded to iTunes 12, you’ll likely appreciate many of its new design features, like the gradient background for album overviews that adapts itself to the colors of the album in question. Now, you can have your own. »

Anonymous Message App

I was bored, and I whipped this thing up in about half an hour. Enjoy. »

TCP Server in Dart

Video tutorial here! »

i-am-a-skid - The Interactive Search Helper for n00bs

The purpose of this script is simple: To eliminate skids everywhere!! All jokes aside, i-am-a-skid is a little thing that helps you shape your Google searches so that you can reach the information you need without posting a redundant question and getting roasted on the Internet. That’s all. »

Composer Basics

PHP is a pretty cool language, yeah. It’s super easy to create dynamic websites with a very small learning curve. Well, it’s easy until your site gets big. Or you need to move to a new computer. What if you lose a file and your entire app crashes? What if... »

Moosh - Productivity in .NET

A C# framework for productivity, speed and fluency. »

Lambdas in C#

You’ve been programming C# for a while. You know asynchronous programming, sockets, file IO, and even how to control remote computers. But you’ve gotten fed up. Every time you want to do something, you have to write a new private void foo() { // Code... } block. And you’re fed... »

The Mysterious Unsolvable Laravel Error

Laravel devs, this one’s for you. Are you familiar with this error? »